About VekselWirk

What is VekselWirk?

VekselWirk is an EU funded German-Danish cross border project that supports the development of the creative industry by operating among five innovation hubs including Kiel, Lübeck, Kolding and Roskilde. The project aims to promote visibility for creative competences within the smaller regions by encouraging people to build bridges and create connections across borders through a variety of activities. The impact of cross-border exchange fosters the innovation potential of the different regions. VekselWirk is supported by the idea that knowledge sharing is a fundamental element to the impact of regional development, therefore creating a strong focus around providing many opportunities to build bridges between people and competences.

VekselWirk Mission/Vision

In a world that has high expectations of the potential of the creative industries, there is still a gap between traditional views and new ways to design the future.We are an initiative of dedicated supporters of different origin that believe in the freedom and the power of creativity and its capacity to improve society and business. We enable inspired creators to realize their innovative ideas in a self-determined way by providing the right place, atmosphere, connections and tools on demand.

So finally, creative work will have an economic value for everyone!

VekselWirk Activities

VekselWirk goes against the idea of “one size fits all” as each need and approach to the creative industries varies and support is offered accordingly. The project is continuously expanding into new areas while exploring ways to customize and tailor exchange activities to suit the vast range of target groups. VekselWirk consists of 11 project partners each with their own areas of expertise, competences and skill-sets. Therefore, the project has the ability to support many different people within the communities and regions, by providing access through numerous channels. VekselWirk offers students, start-ups, public organisations, businesses or people with a creative idea opportunities to participate across borders in events, workshops, showrooms, festivals, networking and access to co-working spaces and co-working opportunities within the innovation hubs. Why get involved?

VekselWirk provides access to:

• Free access to co-working spaces in the participating cities

• Showrooms for sharing innovative ideas/projects/services/products in the participating cities

• Knowledge and know-how

• Cross-border exchange, experience and expertise

• A toolbox created specifically for the creative industry to access relevant and on demand video clips, business tools, inspiration, expert talks and trending topics

• A talent pool, consisting of vast creative competences

Creative industries – why bother?

Globally, creative industries are one of the most important sectors of the future, due to the immense contribution economically. Now more than ever before, the issues of sustainability, circular economy and design thinking have become a new focus leading to a significant impact on the creative industry. In response to these changes, a new project VekselWirk addresses the increasing importance of this sector by linking together five creative industry centers in Kiel, Lübeck, Kolding and Roskilde.

Who can get involved?

Students, start-ups, enterprises, the public sector or SME’s can participate through the various project activities with their creative idea or initiatives. How to get involved: Contact your local community representative today to find out what opportunities you have to get involved, in activities such as networking, co-working, knowledge sharing, showrooms or participating in a workshop.

Contact information

General enquiries:
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein
Franziska Schindler
Heiligendammer Str. 15
D-24106 Kiel
0049 431 90 66 133

Communication enquiries:
D2i – Design to innovate
Anne Katrine Okholm Skole
Sdr. Havnegade 7
DK-6000 Kolding
0045 24 42 32 62

Local Community Representative

Anschar gGmbH
Sophie Mirpourian
Heiligendammer str. 15
D-24106 Kiel
0049 177 49 20 806

Business Kolding
Amanda Adelborg Hedevang
Sdr. Havnegade 7
DK-6000 Kolding
0045 27 83 88 02

Technology Center Lübeck
Nils Eckardt
Maria-Goeppert-Straße 1
D-23562 Lübeck
0049 176 417 598 92

Roskilde Handelsskole
Jørgen Sloth
Bakkesvinget 67
DK-4000, Roskilde
0045 27 83 88 02