Roskilde Handelsskole

Roskilde Business College is among the oldest business colleges in Denmark. The school primarily offers educational programs within the area of business and commerce for young people and Adult Education and Training programs for adults.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is a part of Roskilde Business College with a yearly Creative Business Camp, courses in entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship as a specialized study area.

Networking and cooperation is important to Roskilde Business College. The students at the school work closely together on projects with entrepreneurs and businesses in Roskilde, and there are often lectures by politicians, business people, writers, and other creatives.

As partner in the project Roskilde Business College is a community manager in Roskilde and will cooperate on projects with the local businesses and organizations. We will create a coworking space and host events relating to innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the coworking space you get in contact with other entrepreneurs and innovative people. It is a great place to network, work on ideas and projects and exchange knowledge. You can get inspiration through crossborder events and attend festivals or showrooms yourself, if you are working on an interesting project, you want to share with other creatives or the general public.


Roskilde Handelsskole
Bakkesvinget 67
DK-4000 Roskilde

Tlf +45 8852 3200


Kasper Viber-Tecza
Community Manager

Tlf +45 52 88 88 31